Boat tour of Procida

2-hour boat tour of the island of Procida.

During the tour it will be possible to do a complete tour of the island and also stop for a refreshing swim.

Details of the boat tour

What you can see during the tour

During the boat tour it is possible to see the natural wonders typical of the Procida coast, such as bays and headlands. The points of greatest interest are the Scoglio del Cannone, the Scoglio di Sant’Anna, the Scoglio dello Schiavone and the “Bue Marino” cave at Punta Monaci (the starting point of the natural arch of the picturesque Corricella port where, according to a ancient legend loved to rest the Sea Ox).
It will also be possible to see the islet of Vivara, currently uninhabited and a state nature reserve, connected by a bridge to Procida.
Enjoy historic attractions such as Terra Murata and the façade of the former Penal Institute.

Where the boat is located:

The boat leaves from the small port of Marina Chiaiolella. The bus lines that reach Chiaiolella are L1 and L2. The stop is not very far from the boat docking point.

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