About us

“Procidadamare” is a project born in 2018 with a single objective: to make visitors to Procida love the sea just like a local person.

The founder, Leonardo, a young skipper from Procida, has transformed his passion into a job, trying to show everyone the island in a new and very engaging way. Despite his young age, over the years the skipper has developed the necessary experience to make the experience for his guests authentic, but always in full compliance with the safety regulations of life at sea. In fact, Leonardo knows well all the meteorological dynamics of the place (but also of the nearby islands of the Gulf of Naples). So moving with Procidadamare by boat means putting yourself in excellent hands.

In addition to the professionalism, the courteous and hospitable character doesn’t hurt: those who are lucky enough to go out on a boat for the whole day can also appreciate the moment of conviviality of the lunch prepared and served on the boat.

Even in the other services offered, there is certainly no shortage of tips on places to visit and useful information to learn more about the island of Procida.

Discover the boats supplied and all the services offered.

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